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Benign tumors removal

What is the Benign tumors removal?

A tumor is an abnormal growth caused by the uncontrolled division of cells.

A benign tumor is basically a tumor that doesn't come back and doesn't spread to other parts of the body. A tumor is a mass of tissue that serves no useful purpose and generally exists at the expense of healthy tissues. Benign tumors tend to grow more slowly than malignant tumors and are less likely to cause health problems, but may be surgically removed if they cause issues such as seizures, discomfort or cosmetic concerns

Because benign tumors do not have the potential to metastasize, they are often treated successfully with surgical removal alone.

Depending on the location and structure of the mass, there are several common types of benign tumors. Two of the most common are simple moles and uterine fibroid tumors. Types of tumors that tend to develop and interfere with hormone production include pituitary adenomas, thyroid adenomas and adrenocortical adenomas.

What is the procedure?

What kind of result can you expect?

Recovery period and recommendations

Possible side effects and complications

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