French Republic



Official language (s)



674.843 km2



Ethnic groups

92% - French citizenship
4% - Arab/North African
2% - German
1% - Breton
1% - Catalan 

Major cities
(with population)

Paris - 2.234.105
Paris urban area - 11.293.200
Marseille - 850.602
Lyon - 479.803
Toulouse - 440.204
Nice - 340.735
Nantes - 282.047
Strasbourg - 271.708
Montpellier - 255.080
Bordeaux - 236.725
Lille - 206.604

Currency (-ies)

Euro (EUR), subdivided into 100 cents (eurocents) 

Main religion (s)

64% - Roman Catholic
27% - Atheist
6-8% - Muslim

Time zone (s)

GTM + 01 

Dialing code



Three types of climate may be found within France: oceanic, continental, and Mediterranean. The oceanic climate, prevailing in the western parts of the country, is one of small temperature range, ample rainfall, cool summers, and cool but seldom very cold winters. The continental (transition) type of climate, found over much of eastern and central France, adjoining its long common boundary with west-central Europe, is characterized by warmer summers and colder winters than areas farther west; rainfall is ample, and winters tend to be snowy, especially in the higher areas. The Mediterranean climate, widespread throughout the south of France (except in the mountainous southwest), is one of cool winters, hot summers, and limited rainfall.
Average temperature ranges in Paris are from 1 to 6°C (34 to 46°F) in January to 14 to 25°C (57 to 77°F) in July. 

Administrative division

France is divided into 27 administrative regions. 22 are in metropolitan France (21 are on the continental part of metropolitan France; one is the territorial collectivity of Corsica), and five are overseas regions (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, and Reunion). The regions are further subdivided into 101 departments.

Major airports

- Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (SDG)
- Paris Orly Airport (ORY)
Nice: Nice Cote d'Azur Airport (NCE)
Lyon: Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport (LYS)
Marseille: Marseille Provence Airport (MRS)
Toulousre: Toulouse Blagnac Airport (TLS) 

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