People's Republic of China



Official language (s)

Standard Chinese (Mandarin)
Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Zhuang, and various others are recognized as regional languages. 


9.640.821 km2



Ethnic groups

91,59% - Han Chinese
8,41% - 55 officially recognized minority ethnic groups  

Major cities
(with population)

Shanghai - 22.315.426
Beijing - 18.827.000
Tianjin - 11.090.314
Guangzhou - 11.070.654
Shenzhen - 10.357.938
Dongguan - 8.220.937
Chengdu - 7.123.697
Hong Kong - 7.055.071
Nanjing - 6.852.984
Wuhan - 6.434.373 

Currency (-ies)

Renminbi (RMB or CNY). Subunits:
1 yuan
1/10 jiao
1/100 fen 

Main religion (s)

Officially atheist - over 59% of the population
30% - Shenism or Taoism 

Time zone (s)

GTM + 08 

Dialing code



China has a varied climate that can be divided into seven climatic zones.
(1.) North East China which has cold winters that are influenced by strong northerly continental winds while summers are warm and humid with unreliable rainfall.
(2.) Central China which has warm humid summers with the coastal regions occasionally subject to cyclones and typhoons.
(3.) South China where summers are hot and humid with heavy rainfalls between April to September.
(4.) South West China which is mountainous with the summer temperatures moderated by altitude, while the wet winters are mild with little rain.
(5.) The Tibetan region which is a high plateau where winters are severe with frequent light snow and frost, while summers are warm during the day but drop to extremes at night. Rainfall is also heaviest in summer.
(6.) The western interior zone which has an arid desert climate with cold winters and rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year.
(7.) Inner Mongolia which comprises the mountain ranges and semi-desert lowlands has an extreme continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Rainfall is vast while strong winds in winter and spring make the temperatures even colder. 

Administrative division

The Constitution of the People's Republic of China provides for three levels: the province, county, and township. However, two more levels have been inserted in actual implementation: the prefecture, under provinces; and the village, under townships. The People's Republic of China administers 33 provincial level regions, 333 prefectural level regions, 2.862 county-level regions, 41.636 township-level regions and even more village-level regions.

Major airports

Beijing: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Guangzhou: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)
- Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
- Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)

Chengdu: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU)
Shenzhen: Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX)
Kunming: Kunming Wujiaba International Airport (KMG)
Xi'an: Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (XIY)
Chongqing: Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (CKG)
Hangzhou: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) 

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