Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands*
*The Cayman Islands is an internally self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom


George Town 

Official language (s)



264 km2



Ethnic groups

40% - Afro-European
20% - European
20% - African
20% - other 

Major cities
(with population)

George Town - 27.704
West Bay - 11.269
Bodden Town - 10.341 

Currency (-ies)

Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD), subdivided into 100 cents

Main religion (s)

25,5% - Church of God
12,6% - Roman Catholic
9,2% - Presbyterian/United Church
8,4% - Seventh-day Adventist
8,3% - Baptist 

Time zone (s)

GTM – 05  

Dialing code



The Cayman Islands have a tropical marine climate, with a wet season of warm, rainy summers (May to October) and a dry season of relatively cool winters (November to April). A major natural hazard is the tropical cyclones that form during the Atlantic hurricane season from July to November.
Average temperature ranges are from 24 to 32°C (75 to 90°F) in May through to October and from 16 to 24°C (61 to 75°F) during the rest of the year. 

Administrative division

Cayman Islands administrative division consists of 8 districts (George Town, Bodden Town, West Bay, North Side, East End, Sister Islands – Cayman Brac and Little Cayman). 

Major airports

Grand Cayman: Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)
Cayman Brac: Gerrard Smith International Airport (CYB)
Little Cayman: Edward Bodden Airfield (LYB) 

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