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Vaser liposuction / SmartLipo

What is the Vaser liposuction / SmartLipo?

Vaser liposuction (also known as Vaser liposelection) is the latest in ultrasonic liposuction technology. Using pulsed ultrasound energy, it is the most efficient system for emulsifying and removing fat, while causing the least damage to surrounding tissues. Vaser produces superior results, while at the same time being a minimally invasive, low-impact procedure.
SmartLipo is laser body sculpting treatment that effectively treats the face, jawline, neck, arms, abdomen, bra buldges, male breast, and other areas of fat loose and lax skin. It helps to reduce unsightly cellulite and corrects contour irregularities. This high-powered laser sculpts the body with fewer side effects and less downtime than traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is the first advanced laser lipolysis system to offer a minimally invasive method for removing fat and tightening skin.
The major difference between Vaser liposuction and SmartLipo techniques is that, Vaser Liposuction uses Ultrasound energy where as SmartLipo uses laser based technology.

What is the procedure?

Vaser liposuction procedure consists of making small keyhole incisions, allowing the surgeon to slip a thin, hollow metallic tube into the layer of subcutaneous fat. The tip of the tube vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies specifically tuned to excite and dislodge the fat cells, which are then removed under suction. Vaser liposuction can reshape and refine the face and body by carefully removing local fat deposits.
SmartLipo uses a precise, powerful laser light beam to permanently melt fat and tighten skin. The area of fat to be removed is infiltrated with a solution of local anesthetic. A very fine (1mm diameter) cannula which contains the SmartLipo laser probe is inserted under the skin through a tiny incision and directly into the fat. The laser beam is then slowly and methodically guided through the area and directed onto the fat cells which are immediately destroyed and liquefied. Your body will absorb this liquefied fat and eventually quite naturally excrete it through your liver and kidneys. The procedure generally takes about an hour.

What kind of result can you expect?

You should notice some weight loss and tighter skin immediately following treatment, but the final results are seen gradually over a number of weeks. As the swelling subsides the results continue to improve for up to six months as collagen grows and tightens the skin.
SmartLipo treatment is very safe and effective. Patients start to see improvements within a few weeks; the full benefit of the procedure is usually achieved in up to 4 months. Most patients get the result that they seek with a single treatment but for some patients with larger areas it may be necessary to have more than one treatment session.

Recovery period and recommendations

As only local anaesthetic is used, patients return home after the procedure, and can typically return to their normal lives the following day - even playing sports. On average swelling and bruising usually subside after two weeks, however sometimes it can take more time.
During post-operative recovery, the patient wears a compression garment, which more rapidly promotes healing.
After SmartLipo treatment, patients are usually required to wear a compression garment for a day or two up to one week (occasionally more) depending up on the area treated. There is almost no bruising, swelling or pain and very few patients need more than an occasional mild painkiller. Most patients can return to work and most normal activities the next day. Recovery is usually remarkably quick.

Possible side effects and complications

As a surgical procedure, Vaser liposuction is quite safe. As just small incisions are made, the risk of infection is minimized. Some of the common after effects include swelling which can last up to 3 months. Numbness is the area which was liposuctioned can last 6-8 weeks, but usually resolves.
Although SmartLipo is less invasive than traditional liposuction, it is still surgery. Therefore, it carries the same risks as most surgeries, and some specific to the procedure itself. The most common risks and complications are bruising, infection, hematoma (pooling of blood underneath the skin), and scarring. Less common risks are excessive bleeding, shock, and burns of the skin or underlying tissues (these are extremely rare with SmartLipo).

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