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Neck lift (difficult neck)

What is the Neck lift (difficult neck)?

Neck lift is a general term referring to the tightening of neck skin and underlying tissues in order to restore a more youthful appearance. It may be combined with facelift or liposuction.

The most common problems in the neck lift surgery are turkey wattle neck which includes very loose or weak neck muscles, excessive fat or too much skin. The neck lift procedure is very good for restoring the youthful angle of the lower jaw, tightening the loose skin of the neck and improving the mouth-to-nose lines.

Neck liposuction is neck lift procedure is used to remove fat from beneath the chin. It is successfully used to minimize the look of a double chin or jowls. Neck liposuction will not necessarily eliminate dimpled or rippled looking skin. To remove that you might also need a neck lift contouring that is done in conjunction the liposuction surgery.

What is the procedure?

The typical neck lift surgery will take between two to three hours. The surgery operation time will vary in accordance to what type of surgery you will be undergoing. The neck lift surgery is carried out through standard incisions running from in front of and behind the ear and back into the hairline. A small incision under the chin may also be necessary. The muscle tightening neck lift remains the mainstay at the present time. Liposuction may be added in selected cases to improve the definition of the jaw line. Neck liposuction is usually performed with a canulla (a narrow tube) that is attached to a vacuum device. Before surgery, the surgeon will delineate the precise areas of the body where the fat is to be removed. An intravenous line is inserted in a vein in your arm to make sure the fluid level in the body stays balanced.

General anesthesia is normally used during neck lift surgery. Excess fat removal might be done through traditional liposuction, or a new procedure called “micro” liposuction, which produces minimal swelling and discomfort. A small incision is made under the chin and then excess fat is removed. This procedure normally takes about an hour. Your incisions will then be stitched and bandaged to assist in recovery.

What kind of result can you expect?

Your neck will appear smoother, less ‘lined’ and younger looking. The effects tend to last up to 10 years although this depends on your skin elasticity and the ageing process.

You will notice that the shape of your neck has altered quite dramatically and is now shapely and youthful.

Recovery period and recommendations

Most patients experience mild discomfort after the neck lift procedure but significant pain is unusual. Bruising, swelling and numbness may be present up to three weeks post-operatively, depending on the extent and type of surgery.

The settling down process is a long one and may take several months. However, with proper make-up the patient should be presentable two to three weeks after surgery and able to return to work. The neck lift scars are hidden in the hair or the skin creases around the ears and they continue to improve for many months.

The overall result of a neck lift procedure depends on many factors, such as surgeon’s skill and experience, patient’s age, condition of skin, severity of skin laxity and of course the patient’s expectations. Most patients are greatly satisfied and the effects of a fresher and youthful appearance are maintained for 5-10 years.

Possible side effects and complications

As with any surgery, the neck lift procedure is subject to complications, which although uncommon do occur. These include bruising, collection of blood beneath the skin, infection, poor wound healing, poor scars, numbness and injury to the nerves that control the muscles of the face.

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