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Full cast crown

What is the Full cast crown?

Full cast crowns have long been a popular choice due to their clinical success and ease of use. High marginal integrity and product durability have made them a longtime favorite among dentists.

Full-cast metal crowns provide proven strength and dependability. They are available in precious, semi-precious and non-precious metal, all of which are ideal for posterior applications.

Some dental crowns are made entirely of metal. The classic metal dental crown is one made of gold, or more precisely a gold alloy. Over the decades a variety of different metal alloys have been used in making dental crowns. Some of these metals are silver in color rather than yellow like gold.

Gold is kind to opposing dentition and biocompatible with the patient’s soft tissue, which eliminates sensitivity and allergic reaction. It is virtually ideal for posterior restorations due to, among other reasons, it’s ability to expand and contract at the same rate as natural teeth. It also reduces the risk of plaque build-up for good dental health. Gold crowns are resistant to oxidation and corrosion making long term wear a quality.

Metal (or gold) dental crowns are usually placed on those teeth that are not overly visible when a person smiles (i.e., molars).

What is the procedure?

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Recovery period and recommendations

Possible side effects and complications

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