Plastic Surgery

Dead teeth whitening

What is the Dead teeth whitening?

When the nerve is removed from a tooth it can turn darker in colour. The material of the dead root permeates the dentin surrounding it before the dead root is removed during the root canal treatment. The permeating of the dentin by the dead root causes the permanent discoloration of the tooth.

What is the procedure?

Dead teeth will need to be whitened from the inside out. Because the dead roots of these teeth have darkened the dentin under the enamel, the dentin needs to be whitened from inside the tooth in order for the enamel to be properly whitened on the outside. The whitening agent is placed inside the tooth for a number of days and the process is repeated up to twice.

What kind of result can you expect?

The colour change will last about 3 years and it can be redone.

Recovery period and recommendations

Teeth should not be whitened if:
- the teeth enamel is worn out;
- the gums are inflamed;
- the patient suffers from periodontitis.

Possible side effects and complications

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