Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic tooth restoration

What is the Aesthetic tooth restoration?

The procedure of aesthetic restoration of teeth allows to get rid of different visible defects of teeth safely and painlessly, including congenital defects.

Two main methods of restoration are considered in aesthetic odontology- direct and indirect.

Methods of Aesthetic tooth restoration

The direct method of restoration of teeth is the restoration of the damaged tooth by means of light-firming composites directly inside the oral cavity of the patient.

The indirect method of restoration of teeth is a more complicated one and consists of several stages. At first, the dentist does a number of procedures on preparation of a tooth for restoration, then the mould is made and the metal-based ceramic tab is prepared. And only after that the dentist completes its installation on the damaged tooth of the patient.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth is considered to be one of the ways of direct restoration, by means of which it is possible to easily and safely correct the shape of the tooth, its size as well as the alignment of teeth in one row.

What kind of result can you expect?

Recovery period and recommendations

The doctors recommend the procedure of restoration of teeth in the following cases:

- incorrect shape or deformation of teeth;
- darkening of teeth enamel;
- appearance of caries under the denture;
- chopping-off of separate fragments of a tooth;
- tooth destruction of more than 50%.

Possible side effects and complications

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